Houston, Texas | Vertical Living

Houston High-rise Condo

Vertical living has evolved at a tremendous pace in recent years as interior designers recognized the usefulness of these spaces and the opportunities that surround them. This beautiful Houston High Rise Condo is meant to give you the exact taste of playful and exciting high-rise living.

Our client has an inclination towards literature and this is what we have tried to achieve here while converting the foyer into a modern looking functional library. This is the first thing the guests notice when they enter the condo. There is also an office and a media room for the client to complete the setup.

The ordinary kitchen has been transformed into a contemporary eating facility as well as a utility room for the client. The public space calls for unlimited design and setup opportunities as there is a lot of space and a good number of objects and furniture to experiment with.

Mirror and vibrant colors have been used throughout the space for reflecting the dreams of the client perfectly.

Playful and exciting high-rise living—and an inclination towards the literary—realized in a vibrant, colorful, mirrored space.


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